IBM Enterprise Storage Server Model 750

IBM ESS "Shark"The IBM ESS 750 delivers outstanding price/performance in a package designed for storage consolidation. Scaling from 1.1 TB - 4.6 TB of physical capacity, this “Shark” storage server includes a suite of advanced copy functions designed to reduce downtime for your mission-critical systems and data. Compatible with the IBM pSeries, iSeries, zSeries, and xSeries, the ESS Model 750 supports the consolidation and backup of all over your storage over multiple operating systems including UNIX, Linux and Intel file systems. Centralized management features help reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) of this storage server.

This server- based storage system features a two-way processor, 8GB of cache, and redundant hardware for maximum performance and availability of your data and backup. The host interface includes up 6 Fibre Channel/FICON (1 port each) and ESCON adapters (2 ports each), and can integrate well into SANs with 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel attachments, with built-in support for LUN masking for SAN security. The ESS 750 can also be integrated in NAS environments as well, providing a platform to handle traditional block I/O for SANs, as well as file I/O over TCP/IP.

Designed for field upgradeability to the ESS 800 Model, the ESS Model 750 provides many of the functions of the ESS 800 with affordability in mind.

Advanced Copy Functions with the IBM ESS Model 750

FlashCopy v1

Designed to help reduce application outages for backup and other data copy applications, FlashCopy v1 includes a NOCOPY option as well. This “copy on write” functionality allows for flexible reuse of disk capacity that would otherwise be dedicated to copy operations. The only data copied to the target is the changed data, or data overlaid by the application, providing a more intelligent application than byte-for-byte copy of the source resource.

FlashCopy v2

This advanced, fast replication facility includes all of the functionality of FlashCopy v1, and adds on with the enhancements of Data Set FlashCopy, Multiple Relationship FlashCopy, and Incremental FlashCopy.

The Data Set FlashCopy enhancement is designed to allow the source and target to be different sizes, and allows the copied data to reside in a different location where the source data was originally located in the volume, further allowing the storage server to maximize and conserve space.

The Multiple Relationship FlashCopy enhancements allows a volume to participate in up to 12 simultaneous FlashCopy relationships, so that multiple copies of the same data can be made for testing, backup, and other applications.

Incremental FlashCopy is designed to track changes made to the source and target volumes once the FlashCopy relationships are established. This decreases the refreshing of LUNs and volume by using only the changed data, and allows you to refresh from the source to the target, or the target to the source.

Peer-To-Peer Remote Copy v1 (PPRC)

PPRC V1 mirrors application data to a remote site, and includes a synchronous remote data-mirroring technique (MetroMirror) as well as PPRC-XD (Extended Distance). PPRC V1 provides asynchronous global distance copy functions for remote data migration off-site backup, and transmission of inactive database logs over unlimited distances.

Peer-To-Peer Remote Copy v2 (PPRC)

PPRC V2 includes all of the functionality and includes the asynchronous PPRC functions Global Mirror and Metro/Global Copy. These asynchronous mirroring functions are designed to provide long-distance, high-performance data replication for high availability/disaster recovery applications. You can maintain remote copy any distance away via two- and three-site implementations.

PPRC V2 also includes Fibre Channel support, allowing the Fibre Channel to be the communications link between the Enterprise Storage Server, maximizing throughput and reducing PPRC infrastructure of networking hardware/communications lines.

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