IBM Products and Services

North American Systems provides complete IBM IT solutions for customers, which starts at evaluation, and continues to sizing and configuration, installation, integration, and follows through with support & maintenance.

IBM Solutions

Services North American Systems provides for IBM end-users includes:

  • data & application migration
  • systems conversion planning & assistance
  • complete & competitive financing and leasing solutions
  • LPAR services
  • overnight access to spare and upgrade parts
  • load balancing & performance tuning
  • clustering & blade servers
  • EMOs, software subscription & Support Line
  • toll-free tech support and on-site
  • installation, training & support

With a focus on continuous availability, open standards, and forwards compatibility, IBM midrange hardware from North American Systems offers investment protection and true business value. North American Systems has been providing superior IBM solutions to the computer market since 1993. As a full service integrator, we offer a wide variety of IT solutions to fit your needs. Supported by our Business Partner Agreement, our customers receive:

  • The right solution
  • A highly skilled technical staff for your business
  • Advice on systems administration
  • Onsite support
  • Fast access to IBM
  • Commitment to quality
  • Rigorously checked system proposals
  • Confidence in your IT investment

Our sales consultants are unique in that they usually have experience as IBM software and hardware end-users. These experiences as IBM IT executives gives them unique insight into the issues and needs of your IT department.

We also have a lot of financing options available for you. We work closely with IBM Global Financing, as well as a number of other leasing companies, to ensure that you find the appropriate funding according to your current budget situation.

NASI IBM Linecard (.pdf)

IBM Hardware


  • convergence of System i and System p servers
  • consolidate IBM i™, Linux® & AIX™ workloads
  • enhance virtualization with PowerVM™
  • react to changing requirements with Capacity on Demand (CoD)

POWER Systems

IBM Blade

  • POWER™, Xeon® or Opteron™ processors
  • unique design maximizes simplicity and cost savings
  • forwards and backwards compatibility built on open, standards-based specification,
  • redundant midplane, I/O and power for all blades
  • chassis designed for the datacenter, ruggedized telco environments, or branch offices
  • reduce energy costs as well as cables with CoolBlue™ technology

IBM x86

  • Intel® Xeon® or AMD Opteron™ technology
  • X-Architecture® provides the scalability & reliabilty to run business-class x86 applications
  • scale up to 16 CPU sockets in a single system with single-, dual-, or quad-core processors
  • hot-swappable components, including cooling fans, hard drives, power supplies, memory and PCI-Express adapters
  • supports virtualization technologies from Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat, and Novell

IBM Storage

IBM Software

IBM Middleware

IBM Software for POWER Systems

Software Consulting Services

  • Assessments
  • Planning and roadmaps
  • Aligning IT with business requirements
  • Unbiased, customer-focused evaluation of technologies and manufacturers
  • Balance capacity, scalability and performance requirements with budget needs
  • Proof of concept, demos and trials, onsite or at our lab
  • 'Visio diagram of systems before and after proposed solution
Installation & implementation
  • Pre-installation of operating systems and applications
  • Live staging of equipment before shipment
  • Effective technology rollout with minimal disruption
  • Onsite installation, setup and training
  • Move applications to leverage new technologies
  • Migrate systems without disruption
  • Data conversion
Support and Maintenance
  • Access to engineers for post-installation support
  • Extended Maintenance Options
  • Software subscription & renewals
  • Third-party maintenance options