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Surviving mergers involving DEC and Compaq and HP, the AlphaServers continue to thrive with EV CPUs and OpenVMS & Tru64 Unix® operating systems. Designed for clustering and running enterprise-wide applications that require a continuous availability, these servers offer rock-solid reliability, improved application availability and performance, unparalleled security, aggressive price/performance, simplified management, and increased flexibility.

The HP AlphaServer line has lasted through the years, and ownership by DEC and Compaq before HP merged with Compaq. North American Systems can completely configure and install a new AlphaServer for you, or provide you with the parts, upgrades and spares needed to extend the life of your end-of-life hardware.

Stretch your IT dollars by purchasing your AlphaServer equipment used or refurbished from North American Systems. We can save your business a lot of money by getting your the lowest prices for top-quality AlphaServers. We offer the newest equipment, but can also provide legacy upgrades and servers for DEC and Compaq models as well.

Model 64-bit Alpha (MHz) Max CPU Max. cache/ processor Max Memory Max. bandwidth Add system to request?
SC45 1224 4096 16 MB 32 GB 1.8 Gbps Add
GS1280 1150 64 1.75 MB 512 GB 204.8 Gbps Add
GS320 1224 32 16 MB 256 GB 12.8 Gbps Add
GS160 1224 16 16 MB 128 GB 6.4 Gbps Add
GS80 1224 8 16 MB 64 GB 3.2 Gbps Add
ES80 1000 8 1.75 MB 64 GB 25.6 Gbps Add
ES47 1000 4 1.75 MB 32 GB 12.8 Gbps Add
ES45 1250 4 16 MB 32 GB 1.85 Gbps Add
ES45 1000 4 8 MB 32 GB 1.85 Gbps Add
DS25 1000 2 8 MB 16 GB 1.85 Gbps Add
DS20L 833 2 4 MB 2 GB 528 Mbps Add
DS15 1000 1 2 MB 4 GB 56 Mbps
532 Mbps
DS10 600 1 2 MB 2 GB 250 Mbps Add

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